Nate on One Spark Stories with Katie Currens. Quitting, Getting Fired, and Finding Purpose in Your Career

interview Nov 01, 2022

Over the last 25+ years, Nate has switched careers over seven times and knows many people's frustration in not finding purpose in their careers. We dig into this in a way that has yet to be explored, so if you are ready for the real deal on burnout, “quiet quitting,” and the cost of complying, this is for you. Nate has seen needs through his own story and now runs a business to ensure other students don’t have to learn the hard way as he did.  

Today he helps students of all ages and early and late-career professionals better identify "What they SHOULD do for a living." 

Episode Highlights:

  • When space camp enlightens you on the reality of career expertise

  • How getting fired is sometimes a blessing you needed

  • How students can have more control over their careers by exploring options in secondary education

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From Malibash Media Pro Spotlight: Broadcaster to Career Coach - Nate Clayberg

interview Aug 04, 2022

It was great to be featured on the Malibash Spotlight Show talking about my Career Adventure from radio to career coaching.  Watch and listen below...

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How can you find passion and purpose in a career?

I’m here to help you discover your career passion.

We get asked what job do we want when we are kids and when we get older too.  What about the job you should have? Being engaged in a career can lead to a meaningful all around life. 

Your career is yours to determine. The goal is to find a job you want to do, one you are wired to do and one that can lead growing meaningful career.

I’m here to help you create that plan for a meaningful career.

By using the data from proven assessment tools we can help make a certain career pathway that can be purposeful.  By measuring your motivators, personality type and career interest an answer can become pretty clear to find a passionate pathway too.

I’m here to help you prove that your career path choice is with purpose.

I personally have changed careers more times than I want to count.  Broadcaster, Salesperson, Graduate Student, Athletic Administrator, Fundraiser, Economic Developer, Entrepreneur,...

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