How can you find passion and purpose in a career?

I’m here to help you discover your career passion.

We get asked what job do we want when we are kids and when we get older too.  What about the job you should have? Being engaged in a career can lead to a meaningful all around life. 

Your career is yours to determine. The goal is to find a job you want to do, one you are wired to do and one that can lead growing meaningful career.

I’m here to help you create that plan for a meaningful career.

By using the data from proven assessment tools we can help make a certain career pathway that can be purposeful.  By measuring your motivators, personality type and career interest an answer can become pretty clear to find a passionate pathway too.

I’m here to help you prove that your career path choice is with purpose.

I personally have changed careers more times than I want to count.  Broadcaster, Salesperson, Graduate Student, Athletic Administrator, Fundraiser, Economic Developer, Entrepreneur, Trainer.....

My CareerAdventure brought me experience in getting in hired into jobs I wasn't even looking for. Pivoting from one career path to another because of a change in location and life circumstance. Changing locations again and finding a rewarding opportunity for many years until leadership change and I am shown the door.  Only to then be given another chance at a new career that then led to a career I knew nothing about growing up and fell in love with.

For certain, I believe that I had been more exposed to more careers and learned more about the ones I followed, I would be further ahead today.  This is why I want to help others find more purpose and passion in their careers.  Let me help you design your journey on your CareerAdventure.


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