Alex Boylan: TV Host and Producer, The Amazing Race Winner (E.025)

podcast Sep 21, 2022
Alex Boylan has had an exciting career in entertainment behind and in front of the camera as a TV host and producer. He and his best friend were the winning contestants of The Amazing Race Season 2. That experience piqued his interest in show business. 

He is now the Executive Producer and the Host of The College Tour TV series, visiting universities and showcasing students’ stories.
1:00    High school, college, upbringing
2:00    The Amazing Race
3:48    Career path in show biz
9:10    Work ethic in show business
12:50    The College Tour
18:40    Differentiating schools
23:40    Collaborating to tell a story
25:55    Experiential learning
28:20    Job opportunities
29:10    Watch The College Tour
Alex Boylan
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That's a Good Question, Reflecting on the first 20 Guests (E.024)

podcast Sep 14, 2022
In this episode, I get to reflect on the conversations and relationships that I have started and nurtured through the first 20 episodes of this podcast.

Each guest had a great story of the work they thought they would be doing, what job they ended up in, the transition to find one that they really can be passionate about, then finding the work they are wired to do.
Season 2 will have 17 guests with professions you will most certainly find interesting and the pathway they took to get to that point today.
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The That’s a Job podcast is presented by Career Adventure Academy - Discover the work you are wired to do.
Do you know a high school student looking to figure out their next step after graduation?
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Kristy Houle: Homeschool Parent, Children’s Book Author, Education Consultant (E.023)

podcast Sep 08, 2022
Kristy Houle is a homeschool teacher, mother of three, children’s book author, publisher, podcast host, and educational consultant. After serving for many years as a teacher, administrator, and Principal in public schools, Kristi decided to put her family's needs first and stay home to homeschool. Her son with special learning needs to be served as the inspiration for her children's book, Quigleys Questions.
1:00 High school experience
3:50 Pivoting into education
5:00 Hiring teachers 6:12 Teacher pathway and salary
8:15 Homeschooling
10:30 Prioritizing self and family 14:14 First year as a homeschooling
15:40 Juggling role of mom and teacher
21:25 Writing books 23:12 Educational outreach coordinator
24:30 Advice 28:46 Connect with Kristy
Kristy Houle
Classroom Matters Podcast: ...
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Noah Healy: Recreational Mathematician, Data Scientist, Software Developer (E.022)

podcast Sep 02, 2022

Noah Healy is a data scientist, software developer, and recreational mathematician from Charlottesville. In high school, Noah excelled in math and studied Nuclear Engineering at the University of Virginia. After college, amid the dot-com bubble, he taught himself about algorithmic construction and computers. Over the years, Noah has worked at various startups and video game companies as a data scientist and software programmer. 

0:45 High school and college 

3:27 Engineering Degree
4:36 First job as a programmer 

9:57 Reading and self-teaching 

12:36 Various jobs 

14:12 Data analytics and data science 

17:12 Gaps, challenges, poor infrastructure 

21:20 Advice
23:45 Recreational mathematician


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Michelle Baker’s Adventure: Financial Services, Disney Cruise Line & Disney Institute Operations (E.021)

podcast Aug 16, 2022
In this episode, you get to meet Michelle Baker. Michelle started with a financial services company, but after 7 years it went out of business. It was after that that she feels that she was in the right place at the right time while exploring a job with Disney. Her career was launched as an operations manager with Disney Cruise Line, despite it being everything she didn’t think she was looking for. Michelle spent 17 years with The Walt Disney Company, including working as Director for Disney Institute.
Michelle gives us insight into the diverse careers that exist within a company like Disney, including what it is like leading people while at sea. She also shares the conversation with her son that lead to closing the chapter on her time at Disney and launching Stoneledge Enrichment. Now Michelle and her son AJ help develop aligned leaders that people want to work for so that jobs become careers again.
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From Malibash Media Pro Spotlight: Broadcaster to Career Coach - Nate Clayberg

interview Aug 04, 2022

It was great to be featured on the Malibash Spotlight Show talking about my Career Adventure from radio to career coaching.  Watch and listen below...

MORE ...


Check out: 

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Mike Hahn’s Adventure: Community Development, Entrepreneurship Counseling, Small Business Development (E.020)

podcast Aug 03, 2022

In this episode, I get to introduce you to someone I met quite a few years back when I was initially exploring entrepreneurship and had the idea of publishing a travel magazine.  Mike Hahn was working with small businesses at the University of Northern Iowa, and he helped me see that was not something I should pursue.

Mike is unusual as he knew as a teenager that he wanted to work with businesses and communities, and he has made a career in that work in Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

He talks in the podcast about how building durable skills and relationships are key to success, plus as he has seen in his work, don’t be afraid to try things and fail.

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The That’s a Job podcast is...

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Tim Schurrer’s Adventure: Singer/ Songwriter, Talent Management, Operations Officer, Author (E.019)

podcast Aug 01, 2022

In this episode, you get to know Tim Schurrer. Tim began his Career Adventure thinking he would be the next John Mayer but realized that singing and songwriting were not what he was wired to do. It turns out logistics and operations were the work that fit him.

In his journey, he discovered that he needed to redefine success and fame, and that success lay in giving assistance to those around him, and choosing a lifestyle over title and company brand was what he needed.

I was drawn to Tim through his work with Don Miller and Story Brand, a program I have been involved in for a number of years, and when I heard a recent interview with Tim on a podcast I had to connect with him.

His book The Secret Society of Success showcases the unsung heroes behind many famous brands and names that would not be what they are now if it wasn’t for them. 

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Daniel Alfon’s Adventure: Competitive Business Intelligence Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer, Speaker (E.018)

podcast Jul 15, 2022

In this episode, you get to meet Daniel Alfon. He followed a past from believing he would be a judge in the legal system but then found that helping people go from point A to point B.  He saw that was the work he was wired to do, and that led to building a career in training.  Today he is an expert in helping people make the most of their Linkedin profile to help their careers and professions.

Daniel was drawn to LinkedIn during his career in business intelligence as he was investigating people to connect to within different companies around the globe.  LinkedIn cut the amount of time it took to find and connect with people for the sales role he had with the company he worked for.

He now trains people to better leverage their profile on the platform, not as a digital resume, but as a personal website to convert the reader to connect with you.

The links to reference from this episode:

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Jody Maberry’s Adventure: Financial Analyst, Park Ranger, Podcast Entrepreneur (E.017)

podcast Jul 07, 2022

In this episode, you get to meet someone who, unknowingly, connected me to so many people that have had a big impact on my work and how I have found purpose. 

Jody Maberry began his career as a Financial Analyst then went to work for the National Park Service and ended up hosting and producing podcasts for former Disney Parks leaders and has interviewed countless entrepreneurs.

He unpacks how an opportunity was created after interviewing former VP of Disney World Lee Cockerell turned into a whole new career for him, and how the COVID-19 Pandemic opened up more doors for Jody and his clients.  But you may be surprised he still aspires to be back as a leader in a park service.

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