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Choosing where to go after graduation can be a stressful process, with a mixture of excitement and anxiety for the student and their family.

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What If You Knew Your Child's Future Career and Why?

Discover CLARITY and gain CONFIDENCE in figuring out what your student should do after they graduate.


Do you know what breaks my heart?

It's that there are so many people that know why they followed their pathway to college and in their chosen career path. 

- Nate Clayberg, Founder of the Career Adventure Academy.

WHO are they?

Discover who they really are and what they are truly wired to do for a career

WHAT career fits them?

Gain confidence in knowing what kind of work fits them with their skillsets

Do they know WHY?

Gain clarity in knowing why they are making those choices

HOW do they begin?

Set them set their plan into motion with exposure and experience

Over half of high school graduates feel negative about being ready for college and a career choice. Through the Career Adventure Academy, students can increase their confidence in following a pathway that sets them up to be more prepared for college and career choices following their graduation.

I Help Others Discover Their Purpose

Over the last decade, I have become a part of an elite group of certified professionals that have the goal of making communities better for the people that live and work there.  This the work that helped me find my purpose.  I love the work. I am good at it. I can get paid well for it and the world needs this work.

As I followed this part of my Career Adventure I discovered more specifically that it was helping people find work that they are wired to do, especially young people. This is when I began to develop a program that every student needs, and one where parents can say that they wish they had when they were students.

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