Launching into Season 3, the Pathway Beyond Graduation (E.041)

podcast Jan 16, 2023

How did we get through 40 episodes?  It began as an idea that took off in 2022 to talk to people from around the globe in different professions, bringing new stories and connections that have impacted a lot of listeners. 

Talking to 15 different people over Season 3 also brought some essential advice about how your professional network is a trait that impacted each of these people’s lives personally and professionally. It also continues to hold through where people think they will be and doesn’t head that way in their work.

Season 3 will continue to have guests sharing their stories about their work and the pathways they followed to get there. But we will do more solo episodes where we will dive further into answering questions that students have asked me over the last year on developing their pathway in life after high school.


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