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There is not one solution that fits every student. During this call, you will connect with a navigator that will listen to where your child is now and get a sense of where they want to head.  Following the call, a solution will be presented on how to move the student on their Pathway to Purpose.

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About Nate Clayberg

Hi, my name is Nate Clayberg, and you know what breaks my heart is that there are so many people working in jobs today they don’t like and are not motivated or passionate to go to work every day.

But what really bothers me is that many of these people working in their jobs got to that point because they didn’t have good direction from teachers, counselors, coaches, or parents when they were in school. People that could have helped them find a path to working in a job or career that fits their personality, motivation, and skill set.

So many of them paid to go through college, not knowing what the end goal would be while incurring personal debt. Debt can follow them for many years and limit their choices when choosing future jobs.

There is a solution I have developed that guides students to effectively help them determine what kind of work they are wired to do and the experience and training they need to reach that point. I believe each person graduating from high school should know what their next step will be after graduation. To follow a path to their chosen field of work that motivates them and they can be passionate about.

I was one of those students that felt I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t get honest direction on what else was out there that could fit my personality, my motivation, and my overall skill set. I only knew what I knew and didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Suppose you are a student or know a student in high school or even a college freshman struggling to figure out their next steps but having the ambition to want to do something more in their life after high school. In that case, this program will help clarify that journey on your Career Adventure.

Because I believe in caring for young people and their future careers, exploring a career should be valued more than choosing a college or major. I would love to take the time to help them on their journey.

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That's a Job? Podcast & Featured Content

The foundation for this podcast is to showcase jobs and professions that many people may not know or don't know what kind of work is done in those roles. Plus how to get to that job and more.


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