$399.00 USD

College & Career Discovery Coaching - Individual

Professional coaching with an expert navigator will bring comfort and confidence to your student and you as parents if your student is unsure about their next steps after graduation. 

What this program offers:

  • Navigator learns more about where the student has been and what has been done to help them on their pathway.  This includes learning more about the obstacles, challenges, and aspirations of the student and their influencers in this process.
  • Using the data from assessments and deeper Q&A to help the young person learn more about themselves, opportunities, and connections in the workplace. Plus, identify education paths that can truly guide them on their Pathway to Purpose in the work they are wired to do and in the life they want to live.
  • At the end of the program, the student will work with the Navigator to develop a plan with a purpose that can set a timeline for the student to take the following steps in gaining confidence in their pathway beyond graduation.  This can include college list building and exploration, financial aid and scholarships,  college and career applications, career conversations and job shadows, professional network building, and more.

What People Are Saying:

In working with Nate and going through his program, our daughter feels more confident about what lies ahead. This has given us some comfort as parents as well. Don't be afraid to get help in an area many parents overlook and wait for things to work out for their child. We are so glad we got support for Emily when we did.

Todd and Michelle