TaJ? 008. Debby (Krusz) Kruszewski's Adventure: Corporate Operations, Dream Pollinator

podcast Apr 24, 2022

In this episode, from a dream of being a dancer, Debby's life then moved forward to business school.  

She found that business operations was the path for her, and spent many years working the late shift for a printing company.  She knew that life didn't sit right for her, but she thought that a role in management will make her more engaged, even after getting a master's degree. But her work experience didn't get any better, especially when you have to cut budgets and cut workers loose.

But she found a way out of that world when she started listening to her body when it said something didn't feel right. Then she found her purpose as a Dream Pollinator, helping people actually discover the dreams that help people feel the way they should day in and day out.
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