Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Loren Kelly, Career Coach and Consultant (E.039)

podcast Dec 20, 2022
Loren Kelly was deadset on becoming a high school business teacher but realized how awesome yet challenging secondary education can be. Her husband is a Naval Aviator, so as a military spouse, she saw how her life would change based on their location domestically and abroad. Making these uncomfortable changes for two people from small midwest towns became a career advantage for both.
She set her sights on getting into higher education and evolved into working outside of the W2 world as a Career Coach, Career Consultant, and Resume writer. This career option developed when her family moved to the United Kingdom. It opened up opportunities for online connections and remote workshops and training.
Loren found that she was good at doing the career and training work even though she didn’t believe how good she was.  Once she reflected on that work and the success she had with engaging people in that work, she trusted herself to move her career forward.  Imposter syndrome became real because it was something she had not formally done before.  But her mentors helped her bring that vision they saw to reality.
Loren Kelly
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