Building a Workplace People Want to Work At - Marc Reifenrath, CEO of Spinutech

podcast Dec 13, 2022
In this episode, we talk to one professional who followed a pathway to purpose with a marketing focus and built a national company that focuses on serving its customers and having an engaging culture. 
In his junior year at the University of Northern Iowa, Marc Reifenrath studied sales and advertising and decided to start an internet company with his friends as a resume builder. Unbelievably, the company was hugely successful and has grown for over 22 years, now employing 165 people. Spinutech is a web design company that focuses on high-end development.
Key takeaways— When leading a company, be open to change and create a positive work environment you want to work in. Spinutch never says, “that’s how we’ve always done it.”
0:47   High school and college
2:07   Starting business in college
6:46   Scaling Spinutech
10:40   Leadership and delegation
14:08   Finding talent
18:04   Company culture
21:35   Advice to young people
26:10   Spinutech
Marc Reifenrath
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