Connor Lotz :Boeing Procurement Agent, Proposal Project Manager, Lifelong Learner (E.033)

podcast Nov 03, 2022
Connor Lotz participated in the CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) program while attending high school in Kansas, which sparked an interest in banking.
He received a sizable scholarship and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia after sending a personal letter to the school. Before graduating, he was offered a position at Boeing as a procurement agent, purchasing aircraft parts. He has now been promoted to the position of proposal project manager. He is enrolled at Indiana University Kelly School of Business to begin a hybrid MBA program with a dual masters in strategic management.
Key takeaway/life skill— It doesn’t hurt to ask. Connor’s letter to the University of Missouri-Columbia admissions office saved him tens of thousands of dollars.
0:52   High school experience and CAPS
8:00   Deciding a college
15:00   Recruiter elevator speech
17:08   Boeing STAR method interview
19:25   Positions at Boeing
25:22   MBA program
28:35   Advice to college students
Connor Lotz
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