Ian Evenstar: Design Educator, Branding Consultant, CEO & Founder, Author (E.028)

podcast Oct 06, 2022

Ian Evenstar is a design educator, branding consultant, and the CEO and Founder of UNINCORPORATED, the nation's #1 higher education agency. His upbringing in poverty motivated him to excel in school, earning him a full-ride scholarship to USC. Originally studying architecture, he switched to fine arts and pursued a career in design and branding. He continued to trust his gut and follow his dreams by starting his own agency and writing books. 

0:35 Inspired by a billboard 

2:40 Growing up low income 

5:40 Full ride to USC 

8:52 First art internship/job 

10:34 Returning to USC 

13:35 Jobs in design and art

15:40 Advice for aspiring artist 

17:20 Designing billiards and working at USC 

21:20 Founding Unincorporated

22:00 Making amends with father 

26:15 Ian’s books 


Ian Evenstar








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