CA 000 - The Unofficial 1st Episode of the Career Adventure Podcast

podcast Jul 26, 2019
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Welcome aboard the Career Adventure Podcast. The show dedicated to changing the dynamic with parents, educators, and coaches in helping to guide students to a purposeful, prosperous and passionate life after graduation. 

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I believe that people should do work that motivates them and fits what they are wired to do.  And this show is designed to help you find that pathway to a successful Career Adventure. 

I'm your host Nate Clayberg, this is the unofficial first episode of the Career Adventure Podcast. 


 This is the prequel, the backstory on why I am doing this and where I am hoping to see it go.

For this episode, I am going to tell you about who I am and why you should take the time to listen to the rest of this episode, and the future ones to come.

One questions you may have for me? Is who is this guy and how can he help anyone with finding their pathway to a career that fits them with purpose, prosperity, and passion?

It's a good question that should be asked?

I have spent my 20-plus years as a working professional in many different industries and roles. Something looking back, that now I can see there was a plan for. But that wasn’t how I always saw it.

In high school, I made it through as an average student, but good enough to have me on a pathway to my degree in Journalism & Mass Communications from Iowa State University, and then a few years after masters in Sports Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University.  I was not the best undergraduate student, but I excelled in grad school.  

It was in before graduate school that I started to have a serious look at what my career path could be after working in a couple of jobs I found that weren’t right for me.

My first career love has been broadcasting. I wanted to own a radio station. But as I started my full-time broadcasting career in that industry after college I found that broadcast media ownership was changing with consolidation and technology.

Opportunities would be lessened to have that goal of owning a station. So finding that next “thing” took some exploring.

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