“When you don’t know something ask questions,” Lee Cockerell, ‘Career Magic’


Lee Cockerell spent 10 years leading 40,000 Cast Members at the Walt Disney World Resort. He oversaw resort operations for the four theme parks, 2 water parks, shopping and restaurant areas, 20 resort hotels, 2 water parks and ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex.

Although not a college athlete, his son Daniel competed for Boston University and his granddaughter turned down a number of offers to play collegiate soccer in favor of pursuing her own CareerAdventure.

Lee is very familiar with the life of a student-athlete, and in the podcast, we discuss how valuable time management, professional networking, asking questions and gaining professional experience can be in building a life beyond sport.

In this episode, we visit with Lee about his CareerAdventure. From ordering the wrong melons and not knowing avacados needed time to ripen before being prepared. He has hired, fired and developed talent all over the world. And loves the quality and characteristics that student-athletes embody.

The author of four books: Creating Disney MagicThe Customer RulesTime Management Magic and Creating Career Magic

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